WRS Manufacturing was born in 2009, right after the creation of WRS company. We started with a small handmade productions of the most important touring bikes. The demand increased exponentially so we decided to invest and to increase the production with the best techlogically aware equipment.


We create our products from zero starting with Research & Development department to the final manufacturing process. We use high technology tools like Laser Cutting machines, 3D scanners, CNC milling machines and simulation softwares. Our long experience combined with the best technologies allow us to achive high quality standards.


We use the best quality certified materials for transparency and endurance to increase the quality of our products. All our products are refined and inspected one by one in all their features to give our customers the best quality and design product possible 100% Made in Italy.


Our R&D department is always working to create new innovative products. A Physic simulator software gives us the possibility to reach high aerodynamic performances combined with a design shaped following the bike style. Finally we test the product on road so we can be sure the products are perfect for our aesthetic and performance standards without any annoying turbolence.

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